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Global Trends in Equity Reward Management and Compliance — Maximizing Employer and Employee Value

Multinationals in most jurisdictions are increasingly offering a multitude of equity rewardplans, in part to attract a new generation of talent. It is essential to understand the pros and cons of all available options — including related compliance requirements in all jurisdictions — to maximize employer and employee value.


 In this session, Bill Kirwan, VP and Advisory at Vistra and expert on global equity incentive plans will discuss:

  • Various equity-reward plans, including stock options, restricted stock units and employee stock-purchase plans

  • Common compliance obligations and pitfalls related to equity rewards

  • Potential cash flow disadvantages for employees and how to prepare

  • What plan options are popular now and why

  • Examples of the tax and social security implications of stock plans in popular target countries

  • How equity rewards may affect employees’ personal tax filings

  • The implications of employee stock transactions for globally mobile employees

CEO Roundtable:


VP, Advisory, Vistra
Subject Matter Expert

Bill is an expert when it comes to global equity incentives plans. He leads Vistra’s employment tax practice and advises clients across a range of global mobility and tax issues. Spanning more than 25 years of experience in delivering HR services around Global Mobility, Tax, Pensions and Reward consulting, clients rely on Bill’s expertise tosave time, money and effort in pursuing their international goals.   

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Greg Cangialosi
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