Matt Morasky

Co-Founder & Partner, Territory

Matt Morasky is an award-winning creative director, consultant, strategist, and author who comfortably straddles the business and creative worlds.

Matt helps organizations approach, develop and activate co-creative solutions to challenges of all kinds. Matt has lead teams in strategy, innovation and change management while supplying the skills and tools to keep pace with accelerated pace and increased complexity. Matt develops and delivers hands-on, human-centered, co-creative, and visually driven tools and methodologies that increase clarity and enable teams to generate results, faster.

Matt is also co-author of The Art of Opportunity, (John Wiley & Sons, 2016) a practical guide to identifying, developing and seizing growth opportunities using hands-on, visual-thinking activities. Matt has written articles and contributed interviews about visual thinking, business, and design for publications including Fast Company and HOW.
Most recently Matt helped establish and regularly contributes to Work Forward ( a network of professionals from diverse backgrounds and industries who seek to share their experience, tools, and practices in real, immediately applicable ways to today’s work environment.