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Stephen Kuhn, Chairman & Chief Network Officer, Advantage Foundry Network

Stephen Kuhn is an experienced business executive with 35+ years of experience in US, Europe, and Asia helping public, private, nonprofit, and start-up companies grow and achieve their objectives through board leadership and executive management, with emphasis on M&A, corporate finance, business development, strategic relationships, and technology. He has an extensive international network of contacts and relationships in the technology, financial services, conservation, and wine sectors. He is a strategic thinker with excellent presence, public speaking, and presentation skills. He has been founder or co-founder of several companies, and as an engineer in his early career created many successful software products.

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Mastering the Dark Art of Fundraising

Fundraising is difficult, time consuming, a distraction from your business, and often unpleasant. In this CEO Roundtable, Advantage Foundry Network Chief Network Officer Stephen Kuhn and Advantary Advisor Andy Axel will review the fundraising process with an emphasis on practical advice to streamline and accelerate the process to maximize success:

  • Reviewing the primary funding options, including debt

  • Determining your fundraising strategy

  • Selecting target investors

  • Preparing your financial model, pitch deck, and teaser

  • Understanding key terms

  • Avoiding common pitfalls

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