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China's "Reform and Opening" Era Highlights

The End of China's "Reform and Opening" Era and What it Means For Your Business

With Subject Matter Experts


Matt Pottinger

Distinguished Visiting Fellow, Stanford University's Hoover Institution

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China has long been a formidable global force. But, this summer, Beijing launched a "rectification" campaign against several industries, obliterating a trillion dollars in market cap for some of the country's most innovative private companies. What are the goals of Xi Jinping's rectification campaign, and how long will it last? What will this mean for U.S. investment in China and global supply chains?

In this riveting webinar, Subject Matter Expert Matt Pottinger discussed the origins of this campaign and the deeper rationale driving it and forecasts what it means for a range of industries moving forward. He also discusses the future of Taiwan, cybersecurity, data laws, why Australia stood its ground, and how athletes are shaping the conversation on China's human rights issues.

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Moderated by


Stephen Kuhn

Chairman, AFN

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