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Greg Cangialosi

Kristen Valdes

Cabot Brown

Managing Director and Head of Banking,
Prager & Company

Managing Partner, Olive Ventures

b.well Connected Health

Healthcare is a rapidly evolving space with many new pressures placed on it. COVID has propelled remote delivery of healthcare (telehealth) further and faster. Coupled with the explosion of digital therapeutics and diagnostics, the potential amount of data has increased by multiple orders of magnitude. This provides immense potential in increasing personalization and innovation in care, but comes with substantial data interoperability, privacy, and security risks.

Regulation and information security must keep pace, but they stand out as potential headwinds in realizing a more effective and efficient global healthcare market. Incentives for change will have the greatest impact – basing these incentives in Value-Based Care (vs. fee-for-service) will prove difficult, particularly in the US, but are critical levers to realize the potential in this market.


Digital Health

"In three to five years, we’re not going to be calling it “telehealth”. It’s just going to be part of our healthcare experience."

Kristen Valdes

25 CEOs

12 Countries

15 Sectors

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