Intellectual Property as an Asset Class: Planning, Managing, and Leveraging for Growth and Exit

Intellectual property (IP) is now the most valuable asset class for enterprises; however, many are unaware of the complexities of how to protect and generate value from their IP. 

If you are not able to answer the following, then this IP Panel may be of great importance to you:

• Are you or someone on your team able to identify and mitigate IP risks for your enterprise including theft of trade secrets and vendor IP risks?
• Are you developing and leveraging your IP assets to create and articulate enterprise value? 
• Are you aware that you are able to access non-dilutive growth capital that is collateralized by your IP assets?


As we have transitioned to a global, innovation-driven economy over the past 40 years, there has been a historic value rotation from tangible to intangible assets, with intangible assets now representing more than 85% of corporate enterprise value. Most of these valuable intangible assets manifest as Intellectual Property (IP). 


In this workshop, Aon IP Solutions CEO Lewis Lee will lead a discussion to help participants re-frame IP from a legal-centric matter to an asset-centric matter for businesses and financial performance. 


Exposed to a framework for aligning IP strategy with business strategy, participants will discuss IP management at different growth stages and plan for leveraging IP with various business stakeholders.


During the panel, Lewis will highlight some of the businesses, innovations, and IP portfolios established by participants to illustrate how to build enterprise value, manage IP risk, and prepare for a successful exit, whether it be an IPO, a strategic sale, a SPAC, or another realization of value. 


Note: Because Lewis will be customizing the content to the participants, he will be highlighting some of you during the presentation. If you’d prefer not to be highlighted, please indicate that in your response.


Lewis Lee, CEO & Global Head, Aon IP Solutions

Lewis is an entrepreneur, author, educator, and inventor who founded and led a top-ranked US patent firm, Lee & Hayes, before joining Aon. Lewis was at the forefront of building IP portfolios from scratch for Microsoft, Amazon, and Alibaba. He serves on the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco as an Economic Advisory Council Member. 

Read more about Lewis here.