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Digital Health

Digital Health holds much promise, and massive amounts of capital are being invested, growing for the last seven quarters to $14.1B across 628 deals. 


In addition, the sector includes 78 unicorns valued at over $214B (CB Insights). Yet, there are significant challenges, too, from technology, social, AI, and data security. And there’s always COVID-19 as a backdrop to so much in healthcare today. 


We’re going to tackle some of these issues in a lively discussion with our panel of experts and CEOs from the medical, science, investor, and investment banking sectors. 

CEO Roundtable:
Digital Health

What's in Your Social Media Blindspots?
CEO Roundtable Highlights

With Subject Matter Expert


CEO, Sociality Squared

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What are your social media blind spots?

In this Roundtable, Helen Todd, CEO of Sociality Squared,  explains why it is crucial for CEOs to understand how to leverage social media for success, KPIs, industry trends, and how it impacts your business.The online landscape has drastically shifted in the last year due to the pandemic. As a CEO charged with driving the overall success of your company, the session provided information on how social media can grow and impact your business given the accelerated digital adoption that's taken place.

Social media success is achieved with a clear brand purpose, defined strategies, measurable objectives, and monitoring consumer and industry trends. It is a role within the organization that requires funding and time, managed by those who understand social media, your audience, and how they interact with the various platforms. As the CEO, understanding the foundation for success and empowering your marketing team is essential to creating an engaging, successful brand on social media.

"Find our what your goal is for social media

and then build out your strategy from there."

10 CEOs

7 Countries

28 Sectors

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