How to Leverage
Thought Leadership to Grow Your Business

Do you hope to build lasting change and leave a legacy that matters? Then maybe it's time for you to become (better known as) a thought leader. Thought leaders and thought leading organizations are recognized for their ideas and their contributions to the world. They share their expertise and engage a community of followers—while enhancing their own reputation in their fields and building trust with their stakeholders. In the process they often attract more investment, clients/customers, employees, and partners than those who don’t make this investment.


In this workshop, thought leadership consultant, author, and Advantary Advisor Denise Brosseau defines exactly what a thought leader is and explains how to minimize the risks and maximize the rewards that come with this unique position. She also provides the tools and strategies to build your individual and organizational reputation as a thought leader.


Denise will customize this session, highlighting actions, activities and attitudes each participant already has in place and helping everyone think through what the next steps are that they can take to increase their personal and organizational influence and impact this year. [Note: Because Denise will be customizing the content to the participants, she may be highlighting some of you during the presentation. If you’d prefer not to be highlighted, please indicate that in the registration form.]


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Thought Leadership


Denise Brosseau, CEO, Thought Leadership Lab

As an Advisor with Advantary and the CEO of Thought Leadership Lab, Denise Brosseau works with leaders, their teams and organizations to accelerate their journey from leader to thought leader. She has become known as a ‘thought leader about thought leadership.’

A Wellesley graduate with a Stanford MBA, Denise began her

career in the technology industry at companies like Motorola and Broderbund Software. She then co-founded and served as CEO of the Forum for Women Entrepreneurs (FWE). She grew FWE (now Watermark) into the country’s leading organization for women-led start-ups. She also co-founded Springboard, the prestigious women’s startup launch pad that has led to over $9 billion in funding for women entrepreneurs.


Denise wrote the best-seller, Ready to Be a Thought Leader?, (Wiley) to begin to share her ideas about why thought leadership matters and what it really takes to be a thought leader. She also teaches thought leadership courses at LinkedIn Learning and at Stanford Business School.


Read more about Denise here.