Digital Health

With Subject Matter Experts

Digital Health holds much promise, and massive amounts of capital are being invested, growing for the last seven quarters to $14.1B across 628 deals.

In addition, the sector includes 78 unicorns valued at over $214B (CB Insights). Yet, there are significant challenges, too, from technology, social, AI, and data security. And there’s always COVID-19 as a backdrop to so much in healthcare today.

We’re going to tackle some of these issues in a lively discussion with our panel of experts and CEOs from the medical, science, investor, and investment banking sectors.

CEO Roundtable: Digital Health

Cabot Brown

Cabot Brown is currently Managing Director and Head of Investment Banking at Prager & Co., a boutique investment bank based in San Francisco where he leads the healthcare practice, which focuses on medical sciences and digital health.

Cabot has a spent more than 30 years advising entrepreneurs as an investment banker, board member, and private equity investor. He started his career in finance on Wall Street at Lehman Brothers and was one of the first employees at Volpe Welty & Co. before co-founding Brown McMillan & Co., Seven Hills, and Carabiner.

He previously worked as a journalist at the LA Times and Rolling Stone magazine. Cabot is a graduate of Harvard Business School and Harvard College.

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Greg Cangialosi

Greg is an entrepreneur based in Baltimore, MD. He serves as the Managing Partner of Olive Ventures, the venture studio and investment arm of Olive, a healthcare VC. He also serves as Chairman & Co-Founder of Betamore, Managing Member of the Baltimore Angels, and is venture partner of Early Light Ventures. In 2001, Greg started and scaled, with no outside capital, Blue Sky Factory, a leading email marketing service provider, that was acquired by the private equity firm, Riverside Company in July of 2011.

Greg serves on the board of the Baltimore Development Corporation and completed a two year term on NACIE, (National Advisory Council on Innovation & Entrepreneurship), for the US Department of Commerce (under Secretary Pritzner). He holds a BA in English from UMBC and is a passionate speaker and consultant on the topics of entrepreneurship, marketing, innovation & economic development. He's the lead author of “The Business Podcasting Book,” a primer on new media for marketers. Greg lives in Baltimore with his wife, Theresa, and daughter, Gabriella, and enjoys traveling, every type of board sport there is, is a dedicated yoga student, and loves to read, write and see LOTS of live music.

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Kristen Valdes

{"nodes":[{"type":"PARAGRAPH","id":"omvpw487","nodes":[{"type":"TEXT","id":"","nodes":[],"textData":{"text":"Kristen Valdes, founder and CEO of b.well Connected Health, has dedicated her career to empowering consumers with the data and tools to take control of their health care journey. An award-winning leader and acknowledged visionary, Valdes has pioneered inventive solutions that are pushing the industry forward into the consumer-directed future of digital health.","decorations":[]}}],"paragraphData":{"textStyle":{"textAlignment":"AUTO"}}},{"type":"PARAGRAPH","id":"8dr6l488","nodes":[{"type":"TEXT","id":"","nodes":[],"textData":{"text":" ","decorations":[]}}],"paragraphData":{"textStyle":{"textAlignment":"AUTO"}}},{"type":"PARAGRAPH","id":"72yt8489","nodes":[{"type":"TEXT","id":"","nodes":[],"textData":{"text":"Prior to founding b.well in 2015, Valdes was an executive at UnitedHealthcare running Medicare Advantage plans across 12 states. Before that, she helped to build XLHealth, one of the pioneering Medicare Advantage plans for the chronically ill, which was acquired by UnitedHealthcare for $2.4 billion.","decorations":[]}}],"paragraphData":{"textStyle":{"textAlignment":"AUTO"}}},{"type":"PARAGRAPH","id":"1itci490","nodes":[{"type":"TEXT","id":"","nodes":[],"textData":{"text":" ","decorations":[]}}],"paragraphData":{"textStyle":{"textAlignment":"AUTO"}}},{"type":"PARAGRAPH","id":"yzpgi491","nodes":[{"type":"TEXT","id":"","nodes":[],"textData":{"text":"Valdes is a board member of the CARIN Alliance—a non-partisan multi-stakeholder collaborative helping to enable consumers to access their health information with less friction—and serves as a mentor for women entrepreneurs as well as on several company boards as an Advisor. ","decorations":[]}}],"paragraphData":{"textStyle":{"textAlignment":"AUTO"}}}],"metadata":{"version":1,"createdTimestamp":"2022-04-26T00:57:18.974Z","updatedTimestamp":"2022-04-26T00:57:18.974Z","id":"bc1abcc0-0b32-4048-881e-fb5a9925c8e5"}}