Looking to transition: Changes in CEO hiring today.

With Subject Matter Experts

Kristin Speer - Managing Partner, Westwood & Wilshire

Matt Sitter - CEO, AFN

Investors and board members are paying closer attention to how they select a CEO. Executive search firms play a significant role in CEO recruitment and selection. What’s been helpful or frustrating about working with these firms? Understanding how those firms work can be enlightening and lead to a more successful search for your next career transition. Kris will discuss the best way to find your next role.

Leading Questions:
• What’s the best approach to landing my next CEO role?
• What’s the landscape in executive search?
• What are the Do’s and Don’ts of working with search firms?

Looking to transition: Changes in CEO hiring today.

Kristin Speer

Kris is Managing Partner at Westwood & Wilshire, an executive search firm in Silicon Valley. She is also a board member of the HR Strategy Forum, oversees the Westwood & Wilshire search practice, and founded the firm’s Center for Organizational Excellence, AccelPeople™.

Before Westwood & Wilshire, Ms. Speer distinguished herself in Korn Ferry’s Global Technology Practice for six years. Then she was promoted to Partner, followed by eight years as founder of Accelerated Search Partners. Before joining Korn Ferry, she co-founded Claria Corporation, an innovative $10M staffing company for venture-backed startups. Her prior tech industry background includes nearly four years with Teknowledge.

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Matt Sitter

Matt Sitter is a passionate believer in the power of networks to innovate and realize new opportunities. His career has focused on helping leaders grow, succeed, and to mobilize their teams, organizations, and networks.

Matt’s work has spanned a broad array of industries including Healthcare, Technology, Real Estate Investment, Consumer Products, and Finance (amongst others). He has worked with multiple Fortune 500 executive teams, Private Equity firms, startups, and everything in between.

In addition to his role at AFN, Matt is currently a partner at the Advisory Services firm, Advantary. His experience includes leadership roles at The McChrystal Group, CrossLead, Inc., and MedLever. He has led multiple functions including Product Management, Marketing, Reimbursement, and Product Development.

Matt is a certified Executive Coach, completed his undergraduate studies at Brown University and received his MBA from Dartmouth College’s Tuck School of Business. He is a proud father and husband.

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