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Fundamental Elements to Successfully and Compliantly Manage a Global Virtual Workforce in Local Markets

With Subject Matter Expert

Saul Howerton

VP Advisory, Vistra

CEO Roundtable: Global Mobility

October 14, 2021

8:00-9:30 AM PT

Remote working is increasingly becoming a new normal for many multinational companies. While most guidance has focused on employee engagement, better communication and productivity, essential cross-border compliance considerations with local laws is often been overlooked. Even employing just one person who works from home in another country puts your organization at risk of triggering obligations related to corporate and individual tax, social security, work permits and more. And enforcement is becoming ever more stringent. In this Roundtable, Saul Howerton, Vice President and Advisory at Vistra, will tell you what you need to consider when managing a remote workforce worldwide and employing remote workers in another country, so you can lower your compliance risks while retaining your valued employees. Topics to be discussed: - Global Mobility: Tracking and identifying your “Extended Business Travelers”, considerations when allowing employees to work from a location other than where legally employed, tax equalization, and individual income / social security obligations in home and host countries - Immigration: When do you need to apply for visas, work permits, and posted worker notifications - HR: Compensation & Benefits, developing remote working policies, duty of care, and performance management - Payroll: Payroll mechanisms / accessibility and shadow payroll requirements - Tax: Permanent establishment principles and corporate entity structures - Legal: Data privacy & protection

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About Saul Howerton

Saul Howerton is an expert in global expansion matters. He leads Vistra’s global HR and Mobility Advisory strategy and is responsible for all Advisory and U.S Tax services to U.S.-based clients. Saul’s more than 13 years of industry experience spans a broad range of technical areas, from HR and global mobility to international tax and legal-related areas, such as corporate governance and entity establishment. He specializes in helping high-growth companies quickly and efficiently overcome challenges related to international expansion and operations. Clients rely on Saul to seize cost and talent efficiencies in managing expats and supporting virtual workforces while meeting their global tax and compliance obligations.
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