Seed Capital: Early-Stage Capital Formation

With Subject Matter Expert

Angel Orrantia

Partner, Advantary

CEO Roundtable: Seed Capital - How to Grow

May 18, 2022

8:00-9:30 AM PT

In this CEO Roundtable, we’ll tackle the frustrating issue of fundraising before you achieve $5M in ARR. You’ll discover where and how to prospect for early-stage investors: angels and family offices.

With this CEO Roundtable, you’ll better understand the ecosystem for early-stage companies raising capital from high network individuals, finding them, what they look for, and how to approach them. We’ll cover how convertible instruments work, when appropriate to use them, the dreaded valuation cap discussion, and the importance of an as-converted analysis.

Advantary’s own Angel Orrantia is the perfect expert to lead the discussion. Angel has been an engineer, entrepreneur, executive, corporate attorney, investor, and capital acquisition specialist.

Angel will answer any questions regarding capital acquisition, including how to properly set up a company to start fundraising, to the tips and insights of years of helping companies achieve their funding goals. So whether this is your first venture or you’re a serial entrepreneur, this CEO Roundtable will help you get your company funded.


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About Angel

Angel Orrantia began his career as a chip designer for Intel out of Stanford. Following Intel, he led several implantable medical device development teams for Medtronic. After finishing business school at Arizona State, he managed a broadband and security semiconductor solutions team at Philips Semiconductor. Pursuing his childhood dream, he then studied law at the University of Notre Dame and practiced as a corporate attorney before transitioning to Intellectual Property Litigation at Fenwick & West. Applying his diverse experience, Angel found his true passion and success in solving challenging commercialization and fundraising problems with innovative startups. He founded and managed an internal incubator for Applied Materials and an open innovation accelerator for SK Telecom before launching the Silicon Valley office of a venture capital and consulting firm. Angel’s broad network and varied experiences allow him to conceive, plan and execute novel business models across multiple technology-focused industries. Currently, he is guiding European companies and local startups to develop and implement their expansion plans in Silicon Valley, focusing on customer acquisition and strategic fundraising programs. A New Mexico native, he grew up riding bulls and broncs in the rodeo. His volunteer work helped establish the Bureau of Land Management’s mustang gentling program at the super-max prison near Santa Fe, NM. His passion for all things rideable and dangerous led him to join the men’s polo team at Stanford and commute on a motorcycle in the Bay Area, much to his wife’s chagrin.
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