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Building a Better-Connected Supply Chain
How to Navigate Today's Supply Chain Crisis

With Subject Matter Expert

Robert Escobar

Partner, Advantary

CEO Roundtable : Supply Chain

8:00-9:00 AM PT

One thing is clear, the supply chain disruptions happening today will be with us for some time, with many coming to terms that this is the "new normal." So how you as a CEO pivot to navigate these complex supply chain disruptions and detours will determine your company's success. In this Roundtable, subject matter expert Robert Escobar with over 22 years in strategic planning, logistics network design, and global supply chain optimization will share how to navigate complex supply chain pitfalls and detours and create a partner ecosystem in today's competitive and fragmented supply chain world. Supply Chain and Operations Executives have the opportunity to leverage partnerships and move beyond linear interaction and extend to a broader network of partners. This AFN Roundtable will help operational leaders understand how to build ecosystems and develop strategies that will enable them to minimize risk and decrease cost and delays. Open to CEOs and Senior Operations, Procurement, and Supply Chain Executives

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About Robert Escobar

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