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M&A - Finding your Path to Liquidity and Growth

Mergers & Acquisitions - Finding Your Path to Liquidity and Growth

With Subject Matter Experts


Mike Wyatt

Christian Lagerling

Co-Founder & Senior Advisor at GP Bullhound

CEO & Co-Founder of Beluca Ventures

Head of Global Technology, Mergers & Acquisitions at Morgan Stanley

Christian Lagerling

Co-Founder & Senior Advisor at GP Bullhound

CEO & Co-Founder of Beluca Ventures

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Your years of hard work, sweat, and tears have made a successful company. Now you want to sell and reap the rewards – or conversely, you plan to acquire other companies, execute a rollup strategy, and accelerate your equity value.
Navigating the M&A process, including developing a strategy, determining appropriate valuation criteria, and identifying and approaching targets, can destroy equity value if not done correctly.

In this Roundtable, learn the M&A process with an emphasis on practical advice to streamline and accelerate the end-to-end process to maximize success, including:

About different acquirers and their specifications.
The importance of developing relationships with an investment banker, the selection process for finding the right partner, understanding who will manage the deal, and what you should expect from the investment banking team.
How buyers can position themselves as the more attractive option.
Deal structure, M&A insurance, earn-outs, and more.
Understand why a company is selling and how those dynamics impact the transaction.
Once the transaction is complete, work with management and teams on vision, culture, performance, and retention.

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Moderated by


Stephen Kuhn

Chairman & Chief Network Officer, AFN

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