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The Right Partner at the Right Time: Fractional HR Consultants

February 21, 2023

With Subject Matter Experts

Kristin Speer - Managing Director, Western & Wilshire
Monica Jenkins - Senior HR Consultant
Lonnie Brewer - Senior HR & DEI Consultant

Even small or mid-size firms, especially those undergoing growth or reduction in employees, create HR headaches for CEOs. As a result, CEOs get drawn into managing these issues that could be handled by a competent senior HR leader, freeing up the CEO’s time and energy.

The trend is to work with a fractional HR consultant as a key “people partner” to the CEO. Kristin Speer, Managing Partner of Westwood Wilshire and founder of their HR consulting division AccelPeople, will speak to the differences in organizations and how they may need to be more efficient and effective when the CEO deals with the people side of the business. In addition, she will identify what differentiates a successful company from those that stumble or “fail to thrive.”

Kris finds that nearly every CEO without a head of HR is eager to hand off all the headaches (large and small) that percolate to the CEO for resolution on people-related issues to a fractional HR consultant.

Problems like:
-Creating just enough structure (compensation, titles, and more) to smooth growing pains;
-Finding and helping solve management issues;
-Partnering with Finance on managing budgets and headcount;
-Initiating ways to build a culture that creates an environment where people feel fortunate to work there;
-Knowing how to position the company for recruiting success;
-Being on top of internal dynamics to minimize turnover and discontent;
-Assisting the CEO with company communications.

CEOs find the time they get back (not to mention the relief of someone else handling these issues), and the need to consult an employment attorney and avoid future problems more creates great both “hard” and “soft” ROI for bringing in a fractional HR leader resource.

Join Matt Sitter, Kris, and fractional HR consultants Lonnie Brewer and Monica Jenkins join us to share their experience working with companies in this capacity.

The Right Partner at the Right Time: Fractional HR Consultants

February 21, 2023

Kristin Speer


Kristin Speer is Managing Director of the Advance Technology Practice for Westwood & Wilshire in Redwood City, California, leading retained CXO, VP and board searches focused on placing executives who scale technology companies in Fintech, Healthtech, and SaaS B2B, B2B2C applications.

Prior to Westwood & Wilshire, Ms. Speer distinguished herself in Korn/Ferry International’s Global Technology Practice for six years and was promoted to Partner, followed by eight years as founder of Accelerated Search Partners. Before joining Korn Ferry, she co-founded and grew Claria Corporation, an innovative $10M staffing company for venture-backed startups.

Kristin earned a double major bachelor’s degree (B.A.S.) from Stanford University, was elected to the Stanford Cap & Gown Honorary Society. She is a board member of the HR Strategy Forum, and loves ballroom dancing.

Shmuel Silverman Headshot - Formal_edited.jpg
Managing Director, Westwood & Wilshire

Monica Jenkins


Monica Jenkins is a dynamic and highly respected HR professional with a passion for people and a talent for balancing the needs of employees and employers alike. She has a proven track record of effectively managing the human capital of growing companies and guiding them through market expansions. Her ability to connect with executives and empower them with leadership skills has significantly impacted the overall effectiveness of the companies she has worked with.

Monica has a wealth of experience, having served as Senior HR leader at companies such as Mirati Therapeutics, Astellas Gene Therapies, and Pfizer (formerly Medivation). Her background includes business partnering at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and talent acquisition at CV Therapeutics and Genentech.

Monica is known for her exceptional attention to detail and ability to see the big picture. With her unique blend of technical expertise and strategic thinking, she consistently delivers high-quality results that align with the needs of her clients. With her strong background in HR and her commitment to professional excellence, Monica is well-positioned to make a lasting impact in her field and drive success for the organizations she serves.

Shmuel Silverman Headshot - Formal_edited.jpg
Senior HR Consultant

Lonnie Brewer


Lonnie Brewer is a dynamic and passionate entrepreneur who is quickly becoming one of the premier executive coaches and HR consultants in Silicon Valley. He has coached, consulted, and served as a trusted advisor to hundreds of clients over his 25+ year career with a philosophy grounded in strength-based development and positive psychology. His engagements have spanned various industries. He has worked with companies from early-stage entrepreneurial start-ups to large multinational corporations, including Takeda, Gilead Sciences, Sanofi, Apple, Verizon, GE, Amazon, and PepsiCo.

Lonnie has a talent for helping the best and brightest innovators, creators, and disruptors move forward by refining their leadership skills and executive presence. He avoids a one-size-fits-all approach often practiced by consultants and helps his clients with an emphasis on meeting them where they are. Lonnie is also incredibly passionate about embracing change and helps leaders scale and transform their teams and organizations while building cultures of inclusion and diversity. He loves to work with clients with audacious ideas and the courage to pursue these stretch goals with tenacity, all while leading more effectively. Lonnie has coached many leaders to reach new heights of meaningful impact as they scale and transform their teams and organizations while simultaneously creating a lasting legacy and positive difference in the world and people’s lives.

Lonnie did his Ph.D. work in Industrial/Organizational Psychology at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, and Masters at Cornell University in Human Resources Management and Alternative Dispute Resolution. He has numerous certifications, including Board Certified Executive Coach, Professional Certified Executive Coach, Master Facilitator, Alternative Dispute Mediator Lominger, DDI, Hogan, Six Sigma, and others.

Shmuel Silverman Headshot - Formal_edited.jpg
Senior HR & DEI Consultant
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