Africa Innovation

With Subject Matter Expert

Matt Sitter


CEO Roundtable: Africa Innovation

December 2, 2021

8:00-9:30 AM PT

Necessity is often cited as the mother of invention, and although we live in an increasingly connected world, needs (and resources) are very different in individual markets. As home to 54 respective countries with varying levels of infrastructure, the continent of Africa has a wide diversity of needs. This diversity has given rise to innovations that would not occur elsewhere in the world. With the youngest population on the globe and 1.2 billion people, Africa will become an increasingly important set of markets in the coming years with immense opportunities to bring new ideas to the global market. In this roundtable, we will bring together leaders of organizations in Africa to discuss their approach to innovation and driving opportunity in their home continent.

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About Matt Sitter

Matt Sitter is a passionate believer in the power of networks to innovate and realize new opportunities. His career has focused on helping leaders grow, succeed, and to mobilize their teams, organizations, and networks. Matt’s work has spanned a broad array of industries including Healthcare, Technology, Real Estate Investment, Consumer Products, and Finance (amongst others). He has worked with multiple Fortune 500 executive teams, Private Equity firms, startups, and everything in between. In addition to his role at AFN, Matt is currently a partner at the Advisory Services firm, Advantary. His experience includes leadership roles at The McChrystal Group, CrossLead, Inc., and MedLever. He has led multiple functions including Product Management, Marketing, Reimbursement, and Product Development. Matt is a certified Executive Coach, completed his undergraduate studies at Brown University and received his MBA from Dartmouth College’s Tuck School of Business. He is a proud father and husband.
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