Building a
High Performing Team

With Subject Matter Expert

Ganesh Tayi

Partner, Advantary

CEO Roundtable: Building a High Performing Team

December 9, 2021

8:00-9:30 AM PT

It's no secret that aligning your talent strategy to business strategy is a must to successfully scale your company. Why is it that some teams flourish while others flounder. Is it the leader? Is it the team? As a CEO, it is your number one responsibility to drive performance through your team, but what is most important? Conventional wisdom dictates that you need to get people with the right KSACs – knowledge, skills, abilities and competencies. So, CEOs and leaders search high and low for people with the right degrees, the right qualifications, the right industry knowledge and the right set of experiences. But, spotting and attracting people with the right pedigree is a Sisyphean challenge. Fortunately, there are better predictors of on-the-job success that zero in on what matters most, how people think and work. In this CEO Roundtable, we will discuss: - How to use data and science to understand what drives your employees - How to align your executive team on your business strategy - How to ensure you hire the right people in the right role - How to replicate the attributes of top performers on your team

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About Ganesh Tayi

Ganesh is an author, speaker and CEO of Never Lose The Deal. Ganesh has 25+ years in the technology industry and helped close deals worth over $12 billion. As an author of the book, “Never Lose the Deal” and trusted advisor for CEOs of some of the fastest growing tech companies (on the Inc. 500 list), he has helped them plug the holes in their sales pipeline to win more sales. Prior to starting Never Lose The Deal, Ganesh was VP & GM at Motorola for their global push to talk business with P&L responsibility for a $500 Million business.
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