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How Can You Bring Out the Best CEO in You?™

AFN's Exclusive International Network of CEOs

Connect with a curated community of exactly the right CEOs exactly when you need them 

enhanced by our proprietary AI and analytics. 


At AFN, there's no need to shoulder the burden on your own.

Your trusted peers are always available.

Connect Deeply with CEO Peers
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"Having similar challenges is comforting, and the way we tackle things and bounce ideas, it was so good to have a peer-to-peer conversation. Our job is lonely, and you can question yourself too much; this group is an excellent way to ground yourself. Two hours were very well spent, and I hope to stay in contact."
- Markus Pfefferer, CEO, TIBIL, India

The AFN CEO Journey

Your journey at AFN starts with our free CEO Roundtables where you become part of a global community of over 2,700 CEOs.  This is where you can start making deep connections - and where you can share challenges and lessons learned, learn to refine your ideas into thought leadership, and build long-lasting, productive business relationships.

Then you can move up to become a premium AFN Member with enhanced opportunities and benefits.


Why AFN?

Being a CEO is a lonely, isolating job. You face challenges and crises every day.  Those challenges flow up in an organization, and in most cases the decision of what to do lands
on you. Managing and adapting to change is critical and often leaves you little time for planning, visioning, or even communicating priorities. 

To find the fresh perspective and support you need, join the more than 2,700 CEOs globally who've applied to be part of AFN's CEO community.

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Connections and Ideas Lead to Opportunities

At AFN, we make your life and your leadership easier by giving you the platform to share your challenges with other like-minded CEOs. You can learn from their experiences, share knowledge and find solutions. AFN gives you the resources, connections and ideas to create opportunity and build competitive advantage.



We’ve learned the best ideas aren’t always found in your own backyard. You need a global, curated, trusted network that’s custom-tailored to help you build lasting personal connections that give you a long-term advantage.


AFN uses the power of data to ensure you meet the people who can help you solve today’s problems and give you a view of the future that helps you prepare for the problems and opportunities of tomorrow.


Increase the size, range, and diversity of your network to access new concepts, business models and ideas and build the connections to execute them.


Advance leadership skills to meet new challenges in monthly 1:1 sessions with our accredited coaches.



Meet and benefit from SMEs globally across functional and industry groups.

Meet other high-functioning CEOs in confidential, safe, and trusted groups.


Advantage Foundry Network™


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