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Leader of the Future Award

Scott Drossos



Scott is a passionate and successful leader with extensive experience in technology services and a broad range of cloud and network services in higher education and other public sector and commercial market segments. Scott joined Austin, TX-based Apogee as CEO in September of 2021. Apogee is the leading managed technology services provider in higher education. Under Scott’s leadership, Apogee has experienced substantial growth while achieving impressive client NPS scores and improved eNPS employee scores. Scott is proud that Apogee has achieved high-quality client experience and retention while rapidly growing. Scott shared, “behind the amazing people of Apogee nation, we continue to innovate and evolve our portfolio of managed technology services to ensure Apogee stays leading edge.” Recently under Scott’s leadership, Apogee acquired SoCal-based Cumulus Technologies, a leading cloud services company serving higher education, to broaden its depth further and accelerate its growth.

Before Apogee, Scott led and transformed Sacramento’s Infiniti Consulting Group (Infiniti) to become one of the largest and most successful cloud services companies in the US. Scott led the merger of Infiniti with InterVision, where he assumed the COO role of the combined companies—during his tenure at Infiniti & InterVision, Scott transformed both companies into high-growth and prolific cloud services providers across both public and commercial sectors. Scott previously served as President and Senior Vice President at Pearson North America, Senior Vice President of Digital Partnerships at McGraw Hill Education, and Chief Development Officer and Executive Vice President of Strategy and Marketing at Edison Learning.

Scott believes, “Great companies are built around inspired, creative, hardworking and transparent people, teams and leadership. I’ve been fortunate to have worked for many successful companies with different cultures, strategies, and leadership styles. My greatest professional successes and work happiness have been derived in settings where leaders listen, act, trust, and enable their people and customers to do great things. I'm excited and honored to be Apogee's CEO.”

When relaxing, Scott enjoys spending time with his wife, Sharon, and daughters, Yumi and Cristina.

Scott Drossos
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Watch Scott's CEO Award Interview

From Scott

"Thank you @MattSitter and @Advantage Foundry Network (AFN) for the nomination! I am humbled and honored. As Apogee CEO, I've benefited from a great leadership team and talented employees, a strong organizational growth mindset, excellent measurable results, and an unbending commitment to serving our #highered clients."

From AFN CEO Matt Sitter

"Scott has taken a company that has successfully grown since its inception and increased their growth potential.

There is no one answer to how Scott had led his company, but relies on building and sustatining a highly effective management team, understanding the potential of new markets, and driving engagement across the organization to achieve some of the best growth in his company's history."

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