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Resilience Award

Thierry Hyppolite

nu TV


Thierry started his professional career in 2002 at DHL as Sales Manager after moving to the banking industry for two years as a Customer Service Supervisor. Thierry was called upon again by DHL, where he was Administrator / Human Resources and then Operations Manager before migrating to Voila (Telecom Operator in Haiti), where he was Director of Customer Service for five years.

Thierry also has an international certification in Customer Operations Management (COPC), and in Project Management (PMI®️) and applied his expertise for HAINET (Internet Service Provider) as General Manager from 2014 to 2020. Certified in Salesforce and Digital Transformation, Thierry founded EDGE CONSULTING in 2020. He intends to use all his knowledge and experience to benefit organizations to help them thrive in the new digital arena. Thierry has also recently been appointed CEO of Digital Satellite System (NuTV), 2021, one of Haiti's top TV Broadcasting companies.

Thierry Hyppolite
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Watch Thierry's CEO Award Interview

From Thierry

"I am very honored to have been nominated for this award. It is a very rich and fulfilling experience to be part of the AFN network, with a lot of learning and development opportunities with CEO's around the world".

From AFN CEO Matt Sitter

"Political unrest in Haiti created a difficult environment to thrive. Infrastructure and equipment has been at risk. Economic uncertainty has made disposable income less certain for Haitians.
Using the world cup and other sporting events to promote their service and allowed Nutv to blow 30% past their revenue projections for 2022."

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