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Love and Profit: Activate Your
Customers to Drive More Growth
March 25-April 15, 2022 | Weekly on Fridays | 10:00-11:30 AM Pacific Time

From your very first customers, you have the keys to a magnificent growth engine. Not only is it easier and less expensive to sell to existing customers, building great customer connections leads to many good outcomes—

  • Lower new Customer Acquisition Cost as referrals and references help your team close new business

  • Quicker pivots, access to new solution areas, and entry to new markets when you listen to customer input

  • Better operational and strategic decision-making using executive connections 


Join customer connection expert and Advantary partner Bryan Rutberg for an in-depth interactive workshop series that will turn you into a customer hero. 

In four 1.5 hour meetings you will learn the key elements of a customer connection strategy, and create your own company action plan to build deeper relationships with the people and organizations that already know your value and have committed to you. 

  • Session 1: By the Numbers
    Open your mind to all the ways that productive customer relationships bring value to your company, from generating additional revenue and increasing Customer Lifetime Value to benefitting from referrals to turning customer support into a profit driver.

    • Key takeaway: Build your company’s case for creating more thoughtful approaches to every customer journey from acquisition to onboarding to ongoing support.

  • Session 2: Communicate to Connect
    Audience-focused and benefit-led communications are the key to engaging prospects and customers. Experience the power of this language when your marketers, sellers, and customer support teams all work from the same script!

    • Key takeaway: Learn the basics of drafting AF/BL communications and create a solid first draft of your AF/BL value proposition.

  • Session 3: Hear Customers Better: Programs and Culture
    How can you “show the love” to build loyalty and advocacy among your customers, and what do you need to do to bring your customers’ voices into your planning and execution? Learn the basics of broad-based loyalty programs like those that build brand for airlines and retailers, and B2B-focused initiatives to support your most productive relationships with buyers and customer executives.

    • Key takeaway: Identify the type of programs that are best for your business model and sales approach, and build your ROI model to position your company for success in serving and learning from your most loyal customers.

  • Session 4: Get it Right: Bringing Your Plan to Life
    Don’t stumble on the first steps from design to implementation. In our final workshop you will evaluate and rank your ideas for increasing customer love and loyalty, based on Advantary’s growth+value model. What programs will pay right away, and what’s worth starting now to drive more growth later?

    • Key takeaway: Your personalized, prioritized program list—a starting point for action or the next conversation with your team. 

Open to CEO, CMO, COO, CRO, CXO, Head of Sales and C-suite equivalent titles. Those who register before March 18, 2022 will receive a 10% discount. Members receive 50% off the workshop fee. 

About Bryan Rutberg

Bryan Rutberg guides and inspires corporate leaders and organizations on how to demonstrate love, understanding and appreciation to their customers as a clear path to deeper loyalties, greater market share and way more fun for everyone.

Bryan enjoyed a 20-year corporate career at Hewlett-Packard, McKinsey & Company, and Microsoft. In roles including sales, marketing, alliance management, executive engagement, and communications, he succeeded by using outstanding messaging and communications skills
to build relationships and generate results.

His corporate years reached their peak running
Microsoft’s renowned Executive Briefing Center, and as speechwriter and executive communications lead for the Microsoft Corporate VP responsible for the company’s global Customer Support organization.

Now Rutberg spread a message of customer love through lectures, writing, coaching and consulting. He helps leaders and their organizations build more productive and profitable relationships with outstanding communications, creative programs, and strong customer-listening cultures. His clients increase sales and satisfaction, deliver inspiring presentations with confidence, and design and implement breakout programs to increase loyalty and turn it into action.
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