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ERIC VALLONE has over 12 years of experience in technology and education product and program management, professional services design and delivery, direct instruction and educator and facilitator training, operations, and sales in over 17 countries, mostly concentrated in Silicon Valley and Asia. He has worked with for-profit companies across many industries, including startups from angel stage through scale and acquisition, to established Fortune 50 enterprises and multi-billion dollar investment firms. Additionally, he has worked with a number of social enterprises and nonprofits, as well as schools around the world from primary through tertiary education.

Born and raised in California and Hong Kong, Eric began his career in technology, then pivoted to Asia where he helped a G30 school and a fast-growing professional services firm rapidly scale. He then returned to California and his technology roots while co-founding an educational consulting firm. That work eventually led to executive coaching and strategy consulting at the Asian Leadership Institute, the first and most experienced leadership consulting firm in Asia, where Eric led the product development and GtM strategy for the rapidly growing Bangalore, Singapore, and Hong Kong startup market. He continues to coach and consult for a number of organizations, including Advantary, where he is focused on the development of future product and service offerings. 

Eric is passionate about personal development as a foundation for professional development, with a focus on experiential, co-creative processes. He is an avid reader, outdoorsman, athlete, and traveler, with his own daily practice of applied mindfulness.

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