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Patty Brandmaier

Director of Culture, Leadership, & Team Development, ArenaLabs


Patty Brandmaier specializes in creating the environment for high performance, focusing on individual, team, and organizational leadership and shaping a thriving work culture. Her expertise builds from over 38 years of experience as a leader in and working with leaders of mission- and business-driven organizations.

As an experienced executive, she has a grounded understanding of how to navigate and create opportunity from the disruptors of speed, uncertainty, and complexity. She has a human-centric philosophy of performance and believes that the skill and resiliency required to navigate disruption are dependent on leader self-awareness, the ability to leverage the talent and expertise of teams, and creating the organizational capacity and culture to engage the workforce.

Patty is a leadership and team coach and organizational and culture consultant and strategist. She also provides meeting and group facilitation and is a public speaker.
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