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  • Betsy Klein

2022 Reflections and Change and Opportunity in the Coming Year

It is easy to say every year, “it’s been a year of change.” 2022 is no different. We’ve seen scientific developments (a significant breakthrough with Fusion Power), firsts in sports (an African nation reaching the semifinals in the World Cup for the first time!), spectacular business collapses (FTX and the shockwaves sent through the Crypto community), conflict escalation (war in Ukraine), global inflation, and much more.

AFN and our community remain devoted to the belief that Change is Where Opportunity Happens. Based on several of our recent AFN events, I’m reminded that (paraphrasing Mark Twain) “There is no such thing as an original idea.” But, our changing circumstances and our ability to combine ideas expand our potential. After each of our events, I hear from our members. They tell me our conversations lead to new thoughts about their businesses and an expansion of their opportunities. This makes me so excited for 2023 and how we will continue to bring our community together!

Intellectual curiosity and exposure to diverse, thoughtful experts and new perspectives from other community members will drive innovations that will change our businesses. So, as you take stock of your 2022, remember to stay curious, connect with people who will challenge and expose you to new ideas, and look for opportunity in change. Best wishes, and see you next year!

Matt Sitter, CEO, AFN

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