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AFN Launches Chief of Staff Network and Programs

Written by Matt Sitter, CEO, AFN

I am excited to share that we are launching a Chief of Staff Network as a companion to our CEO Network! This network is the product of extensive research, innumerable discussions with Chiefs of Staff, and the clear opportunity to use the Chief of Staff position to improve the performance of organizations worldwide.

As you have likely heard me say before, "Change is where opportunity happens." Our fundamental belief remains that a network diverse in experience, expertise, and perspective is the best way to find opportunity in change. The responsibilities and skill sets common with Chiefs of Staff indicate that these people understand and leverage networks and can be agents of opportunity.

As a position, Chief of Staff has become more common in the United States and is growing rapidly in its usage globally. Even where this position is in use, its definition varies significantly between organizations. The broad truths we have seen around this position are that the responsibility set is large, their work crosses functional boundaries, and with the expectation to "just make things better."

We believe the Chief of Staff exhibits three identities (detailed further in our ebook):

  • The Chief Network Officer: understanding the individuals and groups within an organization and what drives them

  • The Master of Time: Expertly using their own time and the time of others to promote collaboration and understanding

  • The Vision Sherpa: Knowing the company's vision, how everyone contributes, and who needs to be connected to make it a reality.

The AFN Chief of Staff Network endeavors to drive a thriving community, raising the floor and ceiling of what Chiefs of Staff can achieve. Better Chiefs of Staff means organizations that communicate better and faster, collaborate more deeply and take advantage of new opportunities.

If you'd like to learn more about the Chief of Staff Position for your organization or if you have a Chief of Staff that you'd like to have participate, email us at or check out the CoS section of the AFN website.

We look forward to sharing more about this exciting addition to AFN!

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