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The Evolution of Networking: AFN's Vision for CEOs in a Changing World

What do you hope to gain from your network? Do you believe in expanding your network? Do you join organizations to access others' diversity, experience, and expertise?

What if I told you that through AFN, members gain exposure to opportunities and investors, unlocking access to tens of millions of dollars in opportunities they wouldn't otherwise have?

Does that change your perception of the possibilities of your network?

For some, the term networking can hold a negative connotation, referring back to the old days of after-hour events, shallow mingling and mixing, exchanging business cards, and having conversations that go no further.

Networking has undergone a significant transformation, especially in the wake of COVID-19. Out of necessity, we transitioned into a virtual global economy almost overnight. At the pandemic's beginning, CEOs and executive leaders grappled with new questions they had never encountered. The biggest questions were where they could find answers, who the right people were to ask, and whether it was acceptable to admit they didn't know. AFN, established just before the pandemic, emerged as the answer, offering an invaluable resource of access to a global network of CEOs worldwide. Now, face-to-face events are back! However, access to a diverse network continues to pay dividends.

Not only has networking evolved significantly, but so has how we decide to spend our time, that we allocate the most valuable commodity, our time, against the right resources and those that align with our values. Recognizing these shifts, AFN’s values embody the spirit of connection and the belief that when one succeeds, we all succeed.

Service: We are driven by helping our clients and community achieve more. Our joy comes from their growth and success.

Opportunity in Change: Change is a constant and always offers opportunity.

Respect and Humility: Individuals' varied experiences, expertise, and perspectives are a source of strength. By humbly offering respect and approaching challenges, we learn from others and find new possibilities.

Value: Deliver a real Return on Investment for time and resources invested by our members.

By joining, CEOs gain immediate access to a diverse range of experiences and expertise. Our monthly hub meetings for CEO members foster ongoing discussions on tackling today's and tomorrow's challenges. Being a CEO doesn't have to be a lonely job, not with AFN.

Membership with AFN is not just an investment; it's a strategic move that sets members apart. It saves CEOs time, creates new opportunities through connections, and provides a sanctuary where they can gain honest support, without agenda, from their peers. It's a unique opportunity to learn, educate, and be vulnerable and respected, all in an exclusive community of global CEOs.

Even amid crises, CEOs need to give themselves permission to take the time and invest in themselves for their professional and personal growth, which will ultimately benefit their organization and its teams. 

Joining AFN means becoming part of a dynamic, living network that evolves with you, supporting your personal and professional growth every step of the way. AFN offers a vibrant community of like-minded individuals and resources designed to propel you forward. Don't settle for stagnant connections—join AFN and experience the power of a network that grows alongside you.

If you would like to connect, email Matt at

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