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Celebrating Excellence: Meet the AFN 2023 CEO Award Winners

It is a great privilege for us to engage with outstanding leaders worldwide, and we are fortunate to acknowledge and honor their accomplishments. The annual CEO awards presented by AFN exemplify achievements that serve as sources of inspiration and knowledge. In our dynamic community, individuals regularly encounter challenges, transforming them into opportunities and fostering an environment where their teams can capitalize on these prospects. We sincerely thank our esteemed award winners for generously sharing their stories with our business community!

Leader of the Future Award Winner 

Ulrika's global perspective and respect for her team members and their customers have allowed her to be a visible, effective leader and a powerful example for other CEOs. The workforce of the future is global, connected, and engaged, and Ulrika has a deep understanding of these qualities and works with her team and clients to enable change and deliver results.

The Patty Brandmeier Resilience Award Winner 

AFN recognizes Ron for this very special award, named in honor of Patty Brandmaier, who gave of herself tirelessly and constantly looked to help others be their best. In honor of Patty, we honor the CEO, who exhibited resilience, perseverance, and tenacity to lead their company through extraordinary challenges. Ron's journey with Carehive is a lesson in perseverance - his commitment to his company, employees, and customers has made his company thrive.

Carpe Diem Award Winner

Greg exemplifies the quintessential entrepreneur who remains unwavering in pursuing innovative ideas. When he took on the role of caregiver for one of his parents, he recognized an opportunity to enhance efficiency within the system. This led him to develop a comprehensive platform that integrates all facets of an individual's health records, facilitating seamless information sharing with caregivers and relatives. While navigating the complexities of healthcare, Greg is implementing a well-defined vision to improve the understanding of care for caregivers and patients.

Our community's strength lies in the collective value of its members. 2023 was an exceptional year, and we extend our gratitude, appreciating each member's contribution. Heartfelt congratulations to our distinguished winners!

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