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AFN Presents the 2022 CEO Award Winners

Updated: Feb 26, 2023

We are truly fortunate to connect with amazing leaders across the globe, and it is our privilege to celebrate these leaders. AFN’s annual awards reflect achievements that inspire and educate. Members of our community are constantly faced with challenges that they can turn into opportunities and building the environment that will allow their teams to seize on those opportunities. Thanks so much to our winners for sharing their stories with our community!

Our Leader of the Future award winner, Scott Drossos, motivates and mobilizes his Apogee team to fully serve their higher education clients. Under Scott’s leadership, Apogee has experienced substantial growth while achieving impressive client NPS scores and improved eNPS employee scores. His respect for his team and providing an environment of transparency and trust, coupled with a sophisticated understanding of how they grow by adding new capabilities (like the acquisition of SoCal-based Cumulus Technologies) ensure Scott and his team will continue to blaze a trail to success.

Our Resilience award winner, Thierry Hyppolite, repeatedly demonstrates that challenging circumstances can still yield success. His company, Nutv, has exceeded its growth goals by leaps and bounds despite an environment in Haiti that needed to be primed for success. In 2022 alone, Haiti faced continued political instability and civil unrest stemming from the assassination of its President, skyrocketing energy prices, an outbreak of cholera, chronic shortages of clean water, and widespread hunger. Thierry knows his native country well, and Nutv provides a connection to news, entertainment, and culture that is badly needed in uncertain times. Sport and football (American “soccer”) is well-loved in Haiti, and Thierry knew that his fellow countrymen needed the World Cup as a respite from the difficult year. Nutv rapidly recruited new subscribers and delivered their customers a superior product and service. Nutv rocketed past their expectations for the year and gave their customers just what they needed.

Our Carpe Diem award winner, Debo Omolulu, brings a vision for the future to today. Instant communication, global supply chains, and a young population eager to innovate are building blocks for Africa to build better businesses on the continent and extend their impact globally. Debo and his team at GetFundedAfrica are creating leverage for these aspiring leaders by helping them gain funding, develop new skills, and connect with experts and other entrepreneurs. Well on their way to raising half a billion dollars for hundreds of start-ups, Debo and GetFundedAfrica have seized the day. They are making an incredible impact on African businesses.

The value of our network is in the members of our community. Thank you for a great year in 2022, and congratulations to our winners!

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