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  • Betsy Klein

Harnessing AFN's Network: Empowering Business Growth with Fractional CFOs Through Membership

Through her membership in AFN, CEO Jill Blankenship unlocked a world of expertise and connections that helped her navigate a crucial challenge. Learn how AFN's network-enabled Jill to bridge the gap in her finance team by introducing the concept of a fractional CFO.

"Having been in business for 17 years and undergoing a significant transition in our finance team, I found AFN and working with Matt to be an invaluable solution. With our CFO retiring and the decision to restructure our team, we recognized a small gap in our ability to address forecasts, strategic planning, and reporting reviews. Hiring a full-time CFO didn't seem feasible, but AFN introduced us to the concept of a fractional CFO.

Through their guidance and connections, we were able to find the perfect fit for our needs. This collaboration allowed us to maintain our focus on day-to-day operations while gaining the expertise of an exceptional CFO who would have been out of our reach due to cost and bandwidth constraints. Thanks to AFN and their network, our finance team is stronger than ever, and we are well-positioned for future success."

- Jill Blankenship, AFN Member, CEO, Frontline Group LLC.

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