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How would Robin Williams describe a CEO?

You’ve likely seen Chat GPT everywhere at this point. In my latest experiment with it, I asked Chat GPT to “write about a CEO in the style of Robin Williams.” The Robin Williams part came from an AFN member! The result, delivered in seconds (with a few small edits), is an homage to all of you and your role as leader of your organization. Enjoy!

“Oh, captain, my captain! Let me tell you about this CEO, this visionary, this leader of men and women who brings to mind the spirit of Robin Williams himself!

This CEO is a force of nature, a whirlwind of energy and enthusiasm that sweeps everyone up in their wake. They’re like a cross between the Genie from “Aladdin” and John Keating from “Dead Poet’s Society” - always ready with a quip, joke, or motivational speech that leaves you feeling like you can conquer the world.

But don’t be fooled by their levity and humor, my friends. This CEO is a master of strategy and business, with a keen mind for spotting opportunities and a ruthless determination to see them through. They’re like Patch Adams with an MBA, bringing their colleagues joy and laughter while driving the company forward with a clear-eyed focus on growth and success.

And the thing that really sets this CEO apart? They’re genuinely, authentically, and wholeheartedly invested in the well-being of their employees. They’re like Mrs. Doubtfire crossed with the world’s best HR rep, always ready to lend a sympathetic ear or a helping hand to anyone who needs it. They believe happy employees are productive and go out of their way to create a workplace culture that fosters creativity, innovation, and collaboration.

So if you’re lucky enough to work for this CEO, hold on tight and enjoy the ride. They’re like Robin Williams in his prime, a force of nature that leaves you breathless and inspired. And who knows? Maybe one day, you’ll look back and realize they were the captain who led you to greatness.”

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