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Leading at Scale has never been harder (or easier)

Leadership is a burden and privilege; for members of the AFN community, it is a vocation. With technological and societal change, leading has not gotten simpler. CEOs are expected to lead through their vision, know their market, and inspire their people. This is a significant enough challenge in a world where we can be face-to-face, but as remote work is now integrating into everyday work lives, the bar for leadership is high.

Our ever-increasing digital footprint necessitates CEOs are the personification of their companies. Your company is readily associated with your social views, personal opinions, tics, and every imperfection (or strength). As a result, CEOs are visible to all their stakeholders in a way they have never been before.

As always, though, change is where opportunity happens. For the leader who understands this new world, novel opportunities in reach and communication are possible. Because of this, I am excited to work with the CEO Forum Group on their online Quarterly Summit to explore new models and tools of leadership. I will lead the workgroup on Digital Leadership and discuss how we can make the most of our new tools to communicate our vision and leadership philosophies to employees (past, present, and future), customers, partners, investors, and our other stakeholders.

Our entire community is welcome to attend the Summit as our guests. I look forward to having you join us for a highly effective two hours on September 29 and sharing new possibilities to lead successfully.

Please join me at this very important event. Complimentary for CEOs and Presidents.

SEPTEMBER 29, 2022, 11 A.M. – 1 P.M. ET

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