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Meet the 2023 AFN CEO Award Nominees

Updated: Feb 21

As we often say at AFN, change is where opportunity happens. Our awards reflect this belief and the critical qualities we believe are important to find opportunities for change and success, especially when challenges present themselves. This year's three awards are The Carpe Diem Award, The Leader of the Future Award, and The Patty Brandmeier Resilience Award.

Our Carpe Diem Award is about the CEO and organization who found an opportunity and “Seized the Day!”. Our nominees are building on new trends and mindsets, from providing affordable housing to the “missing middle” to revolutionizing the healthcare sector. This group inspires us to remember that the world needs an entrepreneurial spirit to help us all reach our potential.

The Leader of the Future Award recognizes the CEO who understands that our changing environment needs new ways to lead and succeed in our complex, modern global economy. This CEO incorporates cutting-edge practices to make their organization more effective and make the future workforce a reality today. Our Leader of the Future nominees are creating an environment for success in their companies by empowering and inspiring their teams, charging into new markets, and leading inside and outside of their organizations.

The Patty Brandmeier Resilience Award celebrates leaders who dealt with extraordinary challenges and exhibited the perseverance and tenacity to lead their company to success. We changed the name of this award in honor of our dear friend Patty Brandmeier, who lost her battle with cancer last year. She was the epitome of resilience during her time in the CIA when 9/11 happened and continued to inspire throughout her career as a coach and subject matter expert. Like Patty, the nominees overcame the challenges, supported their talent, remained committed to the vision, and exemplified that tenacity within their corporate culture. We’ll be announcing the winners of our awards on February 21st. The leaders truly inspire me – congratulations to them and their great accomplishments in 2023!

Matt Sitter, CEO, AFN

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